From My Heart to Yours

I’m sitting in bed thinking of all the things I am most grateful for, and the list keeps growing, and the tears keep flowing! I am a blessed soul…had the best childhood, an extremely loving family, the greatest friends, etc., and even through all the challenges God kept His hands on me!  He covered me when I couldn’t see my way, He straightened all the curves, commanded the sun to shine again, He allowed me to feel His touch when I needed it most, He sent Angels to minister to me, He allowed the brightest light to shine in my darkest hour, He kissed  my tears away, showed me divine favor, He did it all for me…ya feel me?  God did that for me!!!  I love Him so much, and my heart’s desire is to please Him in my daily living.  My prayer is to fulfill my density in the earth!  “I want to be a blessing to someone else,” my grandmother used to say, and it still rings loud in my life!  God knows how much I appreciate the wisdom I received from those who loved me most, and I’m planting those seeds in my daughter, niece and nephew now.  I believe it’s up to us to make a difference.  Ya know what I mean?  Yes, this world is out of control, but that doesn’t mean you or your family must participate in that cycle.  Anyway, back to being grateful…I’m  happy for my life, and I’m glad for all the connections God allowed me to experience over the years.  Indeed, I am a better Chiquita today than I was 20 years ago, 7 months ago, 4 weeks ago, or even on yesterday!  I pray the things I say and do ultimately bless you and glorify the Father! Thank you all in advance for the meaningful messages!  Know that I value the time taken to write and send such heartfelt messages! Yes, I am grateful for you, my friends!

Sincerely, Chiquita


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