SebrenaIn the Fall of 1991, God brought Ms. Sebrena Thurman into my life. She would become my college roommate at The University of Southern Mississippi. We discovered that we had so much in common, and we often said that God knew what He was doing when He introduced us. Our friendship was meant to be, and quickly we became more than friends…we were family. We only had a year together before I would transfer out of state to pursue my studies in fashion at the time, but we didn’t let the distance keep us a part. We talked over the phone, and I would stop through her hometown to see her before heading to my parents each holiday. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer we went to battle! We decided to walk by FAITH and not by sight! We prayed and turned it over to God! Even then her Spirit was strong, and she came through her surgery well. God knows she went through so much, but she never complained. We made a promise to always be there for each other, and I can scream from a mountain top that she has always been there for me…through my joys, disappointments, losses, and gains…she was a gift to me! After fighting for so many years, her body began S2to give out, but NEVER, and I mean NEVER did her Spirit get weak. Her Spirit Man was Strong, and she was clear about everything she spoke, and even when she couldn’t say all that she wanted I saw and understood what her eyes were saying to me! God gave me another opportunity to get home and love on her before He called her home, and I am forever grateful for the time we shared. I saw my friend bow her head and clasp her hands in prayer, and as I sang a praise and worship song she threw her hands back, and I believe she was worshiping our God! To hear her say “I love you” just one more time is something I will treasure till l I see her again. As I kissed my friend on her soft face, a peace came over me like never before. Our prayers had been answered. Our mission as friends was complete and sealed with a kiss! Yes, My friend is no longer here, and I’m sad because I may have to wait a while before we’re together again, but at the same time I’m so happy she’s free of sickness and disease! I can see her celebrating with those who have gone on before her. She’s HOME! My Sweet Friend made it HOME!!! —s4—Mrs. Sebrena Thurman Shelton (October 2, 1973 – November 5, 2012)—

Friends for all eternity, Chiquita