00011Whatever the mind expects, it finds!!! —–> So think about this, Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It is a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results. If you are thinking positively you anticipate joy, good health, love, success, etc. Would you agree? Many of you say that you are “thinking positively,” but are you really? You can put on a smile, laugh out loud and be feeling like a failure on the inside! Hey, you can fake it to the world, but God knows the “real deal,” dear Hearts! He knows you’re worried about what decision to make or how you’re going to get through the next three months, etc. He loves and cares for you, and He desires to see you truly blessed, happy, and fulfilled! So stop pretending that all is well, that nothing bothers you, that you’re fine…when you know deep down inside you’re loosing it!!! Yes, you’re a ticking time bomb! If one more person ticks you off you’re going to let them have it! If you could walk away from that job right now you would! Yeah, I’m stepping on your toes this afternoon, but it’s up to you to move your feet from that position! Ya hear me?

Face the negatives, and give them to God! Replace those thoughts with positive WORDS…God’s Word, great music, a in spiritual movie, a loving conversation with a true friend! Sometimes all it takes is talking to yourself! Speak to your spirit-man…command your thoughts to come under the authority of God! When your mind starts going left…SPEAK THE WORD!!! The devil doesn’t have a chance, but if you’re trying to combat your thoughts with your own made up thoughts you’ll be fighting a loosing battle! The enemy doesn’t care about you getting upset and throwing a fit! He’s not moved by that, but when you repeat what God has already spoken…He MUST Flee!!! In Jesus Name!!! Try it out, and you’ll see the difference!

Look, it’s time to take your life back! No more living in secret depression! I know for a fact that many of you who love God with your whole hearts are dealing with this, and I’m praying for you…wanting you to live a life full of JOY!!! Life is already short! No need to live everyday of your life sad, frustrated, and unfulfilled. The devil may have told you some craziness, but remember, HE’S A LIAR!!! Now go before God in prayer, and thank Him for being an awesome God! Focus your attention on Him for a change, and then purposefully plan out your days. Include something new into your routine. Break the cycle of “same old, same old.” YOU can do it!!! I know you can!

If someone told you that in 30 days you would receive $1 million dollars in your checking account after spending 30 minutes each morning with them…what would you do? Yeah, I thought so! God is saying the same thing to you. If you spend quality time with Him each day, He will shift your thinking…He will speak to you about your decisions, He’ll show you things you’ve never thought of, He’ll bless you in ways unexpected! When you’re consumed with Him there’s no room for anything negative, and even when you face life’s challenges those things will not overtake you and hold you back from living…I mean really LIVING!!! If anything, they will push you to do do more…to be greater, to appreciate what you do have, etc. Do you understand? I know, it’s a process, but when God designed you He didn’t make any mistakes!!! You can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST Who strengthens you!

Alright, I’m finished with my sermon for the day, but I really do pray for you all collectively each day. When I see others fulfilled it does my heart well! I love it! Well, I’ll check back in with you all later.

Love you with the Love of God, Chi Chi