My mother received her Mother’s Day gifts today, and it brought such joy to her soul. Out of all the things I gave her, she loved the compilation of home videos I put together of my late grandmother. She was so surprised, and the one thing she said she missed most about my grandma was hearing her voice. Well, God knew her heart’s desire, and today her longing was relieved.

Back in 2002, I purposefully interviewed my grandmother with the notion that she would one day not be with us. She spoke a lot about her childhood, her best friend, her marriage, kids, technology, and her faith. Over and over again she would say how blessed we are and how thankful she was…a reminder that we should not be complaining but rejoicing! I tell ya, that woman was a jewel…in a class all by herself! She was the definition of LOVE…she lived it every day of her life, and I know that for my mom hearing her mother’s voice and seeing her face and expressions again did something a million dollars could never do!

So remember this dear hearts, when you give from an open heart it will be well received and greatly appreciated. —-A shout out to all the great moms out there!!! May you all know and feel the love of God resting over you each and every day!

Love, Chiquita