Praise God through the pain, through the agony, through the battle, through the fire! Ya see, when you praise Him through the difficult times He will bless you greatly after you endure. God may have allowed you to loose some things, but as my Bishop would say, “the miracle is not in what you lost! It is in what you have left! Don’t defile yourself by the corps in your past! God forbids us to touch those things. Every time we start handling those things that are dead we are canceling out our future! We are priests, and God wants us to live above dead things! Remember, the Word of God says to forget those things as though they were… understand? Stop touching dead friendships, dead relationships, etc. God does not want us to live in the cemetery! God wants us to Live an abundant life! God is going to use what we have left! The victory, the power of God is not in the tombs!” On today, God wants to totally release us from our past! It’s time to move into our destiny! Right Now! In Jesus Name!