Sitting back and waiting for things to change is a waste of time!  You’ve got to DO SOMETHING!!!  God is waiting on you to ACT, MOVE, DEMONSTRATE your FAITH!  Talking about where you’d like to go won’t get you there.  You’ve got to plan your trip, pack your bags, and start walking towards your car, the boat, the train, or the plane!  Ya feel me?  Don’t be like the folks who complain year after year after year about their lives.  If you don’t like where you are CHANGE IT!!!  Of course it may require you to change your mindset first by reading and applying God’s Word!  Remember what I said earlier, you’ve got to DO SOMETHING!!!  I can’t make you, your family can’t make you, your friends can’t make you…ONLY YOU CAN!!!

The truth of the matter is God will not force His will upon your life!  It’s all about choices, and today you can decide that you will not live with a defeated spirit!  God didn’t send Jesus for you to sit around complaining all the time.  Everything you need to live a prosperous life is in the Word of God!  So the key is this…READ GOD’S WORD!!!  Stop waiting for your pastor or someone else to feed you the Word!  You need to know and understand it for yourself.  I see people come to church every Sunday, and they have no clue of where the Books of the Bible are located.  To me that’s an indicator that speaking time in God’s Word has not been a priority!  Even if you claim you don’t have time to read there are other products that can help you build your relationship with God!  There’s the Bible on DVD, CD, MP3, etc.  So there should be NO EXCUSES!!!  Again I say, DO SOMETHING!!!

I’m passionate about this because I know what God can do when you truly walk by Faith and Act on His Word!  I desire for others to experience the joy of living an abundant life like myself.  It’s a wonderful thing to trust God and to see Him manifest His promises after being obedient!  Yes, I said OBEDIENT!!!  The reward is in your obedience to God, and stop using the excuse that you are “just human.”  What does that have to do with anything?  Either you’re going to obey or not! It’s as simple as that!  Now DO SOMETHING!!!

Love, Chiquita