I’ve been saved since I was 15-years-old, but at 38 I realize years of acceptance doesn’t mean you’re totally sold out to Christ! It’s the commitment level we choose to serve Him! It’s the sacrifice we make to please Him! It’s the desire to be closer to Him than we were on yesterday! That little thing you don’t think others know about is robbing you from going deeper with God because He knows the truth…He knows the real you! To top it off, you’ve allowed the enemy free access, and he’s having a field day because he knows you’re not living up to your full potential in Christ. You compromise and make excuses for your disobedience, and that’s just not cool! It’s time to be mature Christians, and put down your childish ways. Seriously, there’s a shift in the Kingdom! Are you prepared to move? Real Talk!

Love, Chiquita