Status Update

By T.D. Jakes Ministries/The Potter’s House

[Repost] When God changes the light in your life from red to green, you can accomplish things that you tried to do at other times but could not perform. What an exciting time it is to suddenly find your engine kicking into gear and your turbines turning in harmonious production. This is an exciting time for the prepared believer. I believe with all my heart that soon people God had waiting their turn will burst to the forefront and pull into the fast lane. Trained by patience and humbled by personal challenges, they will usher in a new season in the cycle of the Kingdom.

I had to repost this status from Facebook because I believe there is a shifting taking place in the Body of Christ, and I want those of us who have been praying and seeking God for change to get excited!  I know for myself God has given me the green light to go and do the things He promised I  would do, and all I can say is  “IT FEELS GREAT” to be in the will of God!  Nothing can compare to having God’s support at the right time in your life!  Everyday feels like a celebration…a great accomplishment!  The Father’s Hand is steering me in the right direction, and there’s a great sense of security.  Satan can try to bring the negatives, but I won’t receive them for I know without doubt that everything God said I could have and do is true!  I see it happening right before my eyes, and I’m happy!  Yes, truly happy!

So I encourage you to continue trusting God in all you do!  Your faithfulness and dedication to the Father and His Kingdom will pay off.  He will accelerate your blessings.  Watch what I tell you!  God’s Word is true.  He will reward them who diligently seek Him!

Love, Chiquita