Why is it so hard for us to make right decisions? You know what you desire and need, but there’s a battle going on in your mind, body, and spirit. So you compromise one area to satisfy another, but in the end you’re still left unfulfilled. You see, God intended us to seek Him in all things…seek His Word for CLEAR direction. We often get in the way by trying to steer things…compromise, but when the Spirit of God speaks or shows you something that’s when you need to pause and pray. Don’t ignore or dismiss the signs or patterns God has placed before you. For if you do, it could cause you great delay and pain. Remember God loves you so very much, and He desires the very best for you! When we surrender all and obey His Word it opens up a world we never thought possible! God will show you things your little mind could never conceive or imagine. I believe obedience is the key to true success in life. So make the right decisions, and watch God elevate you and accelerate your blessings!
~~~Chi Chi