Many people often look to others to acknowledge and affirm them, and that’s not a good thing because people will always disappoint you. They will build you up and tear you down all in the same week. So my advice is to shift the focus from people to God! Let Him shine His light and love on you! Allow Him to build you up, and when you understand who you are in Him nothing or no one will be able to come in and destroy your spirit or confidence. Take a moment and tell yourself just how “AWESOME” you are!!! Then open your Bible and let the Word of God speak to your heart! You will discover how PRECIOUS you really are to our God, and when God sees you as special you should hold your head up high and smile with the knowledge that no matter what others say or do “I MATTER.” Stop allowing what people say or do determine how you feel about yourself. I don’t care if you have to get in front of a mirror every day and preach to yourself about yourself…do it, and believe that you are what God says you are and can be! Ya got it? Okay dear hearts, put those beautiful smiles back on your lovely faces, and enjoy this marvelous day!

—Much love, Chi Chi