I took these notes from a Sunday morning service last month.  Hope these Truths Bless you!

1.) Don’t wait until things are compromised before you decide to commit.

2.) Remove distractions out of the way.

3.) God will give you the raw stuff to work with. Use what He gave you, and make something out of it! While we are waiting on God to do something He’s waiting on us to use what He’s already given!

4.) When you allow someone to play with your mind, realize that you’ve allowed them to mess with something extremely precious! Sometimes you can sabotage your own happiness with your own thinking. Why when things are good you start looking or expecting for things to go bad? Remember, you are what you think! That’s why you must guard your mind with the helmet of salvation! Cover your head with who you are now, not with who you were!

5.) God wants to accelerate the process!!!

6.) God WILL do whatever He said! Believe it!!!

7.) Your emotions are being attacked 24 hours a day, but you must fight it with the Spirit. You can’t conquer it in the natural!

8.) Eagles fly above the storm!!! Don’t fly into something you should be flying above!

9.) Do you know why you can’t kill me? Because God is not finished with me yet!!

10.) Remember, God called you according to His purpose!