Loved today’s message, “Rest In Peace.” (Bishop Jakes)  —-Reference Matthew 13:24-30

— One key point that stood out was this: “You’ve got to know YOUR STUFF is GOOD!!!” When you know that your stuff is good you don’t let the circumstances around you affect your confidence!   There’s nothing wrong with you!  Some folks just can’t handle you!  They don’t know how to appreciate the gifts inside of you, but hold on and hold out. God never intended you to share your good stuff or your good seed with just anybody!  What a man sows he reaps…good and bad!  So check those around you!  The Kingdom of Heaven is liken unto a man who soweth good seed in his field.  Remember to be a good steward over stuff that’s not yours!  Just watch, and God will show you FAVOR!  You know that you are on the right track when the weeds come up right next to you and they can’t  take you out!  Don’t doubt yourself, and don’t doubt your God!

Also, Stop trying to fix the mess around you!  Stop responding to it!  You are too high to be dealing with issues that low!  Focus on your assignment! Continue to do what God told you to do!  The only reason you’re under attack is because you ARE Effective!! God sees and know all!  Let Him deal with it. Sometimes we get in the way of God’s work!  Stop hitting the panic button! Leave it alone!  The gathering of the tares is a the first sign that the wheat is safe to harvest.  Everything God put inside of you is about to come out!  God wants you to know that if He started it He will finish it!  Stop worrying and frustrating yourself!  God has already determined the end from the beginning! Stop loosing sleep! “Faith is not proven through frustrations but by RESTING!!!” Now it’s time to REST IN PEACE!!!


I’m so grateful to my Bishop Jakes for bringing such a POWERFUL, LIFE CHANGING WORD!  He’s like my personal trainer pushing me to learn and do more!  I pray this message brings PEACE to you!  In Jesus Name!!!

Love, Chiquita