I remember the day I was called a “Jesus Freak.”  Interesting because the person who reached out to me didn’t know me. He said he admired my profile picture and decided to inbox me. Well, when I didn’t respond to a series of emails he sent in a timely fashion he went left!  Before I deleted his message and blocked him, I responded with these words: “Thank you for the compliment! What an honor and a privilege to be called a “Jesus Freak!” I so appreciate your words! They motivate me to draw even closer to Him.  Now, I suggest you lose my contact information because I wouldn’t want to offend you with the joy I have within and the unmatchless love of Jesus!” ~~~~ HA! HA! The devil is always busy, but he’s not smarter than a 5th grader nor me!!! ~~~~ Shout out to all the other “Jesus Freaks” in the world!!!

Much love, Chiquita (Jesus Freak)