“If you can’t handle a 1st grade offence how can you manage a master degree life?”(Bishop T.D. Jakes)  — I LOVE this quote taken from his message on Forgiveness.  He said that many allow the offence to take root and become bitterness, and that’s a dangerous thing. There’s no way you will be able to receive the gifts from God if you are operating out of bitterness. Some put more faith in the offence than in God! Most people don’t really know how to handle it. They get stuck on this “feeling” they have, but forgiveness is not a feeling it’s an ACT. It must be RELEASED! Why would you allow another person to block your blessings anyway? NO ONE is worth that! Also, he stated that we must learn to speak up and confront the problem. Of course that doesn’t mean preparing for a fight. You can confront someone without getting ignorant. Remember, our hearts should be pure. The Word says “BLESSED are the pure in heart…” Let it go…keep it moving! Life is too short to let unforgiveness dictate your future! ~~~~Make it a great day Beautiful Hearts!

Love, Chi Chi