Love the message by Pastor Casey Treat…

The 3 Essentials: Faith, Vision & Change!

1) FAITH— Abraham believed God!(Romans 4:3) Remember your faith will work in every realm! 2) VISION— God told Abraham to get out of his father’s house, and with this act he started an amazing journey with God. It was time to start seeing something different. Sometimes you can be looking but not seeing! When you see you start to know! In Genesis 15:5 God brought Abraham out and showed him the stars. You’ve got to open your heart to God so He can show you His plans for your life! 3) CHANGE— Abraham had to be willing to change. You can’t continue to hang on to the old way of doing things. Reference Romans 12:2 – You must be transformed by the renewing of your mind. There will also be times when God will not speak until we make the necessary changes! Repeat out loud: “I believe, I can see, and I’m ready to change!” –Pastor Treat ~~~ We often say, “Something has got to change,” but they won’t if you are not willing to exercise your faith, see the vision, and make a change! It’s up to you, Good People!

Love, Chiquita