Many of us go to God with an idea, and say, “God, I need your stamp of approval, but we are wrong in our approach. We should always ask God to show us His plan for our lives. We should want Him to teach us His ways, and when we do so there will not be room for doubt as to where we are going or what we are doing. We will know with certainty that we are on the right path, and we are following God’s desired plan and purpose. Remember, we are called out to do very specific work for our Lord. (Reference Ephesians 4:1) This call is serious, and you must commit to it in order to see His purpose and will fulfilled in you. Your commitment will bring you to a place of pure intimacy with God! I’m telling you there is no one or no thing greater than our God!!! When you spend quality time with Him you began to understand just how much He really does care for His children and how He has orchestrated every step you take! Our position should be to completely trust Him! Hey, He’s God! He knows what He’s doing! I’ve learned to fight off doubt with the Word! When the enemy tries to plant negative seeds I deal with it asap! I really try hard not to go there, but when I’m weak I call to God for help, and He brings to my attention His promises! Even though I can’t always see them I hold tight to my faith, and I put it all back on God’s Word! That’s why we must feed ourselves His daily bread! His Word causes us to excel and reach beyond the surface! We will never really attain the full calling on our lives because there will always be something else to do, another step to take, but we must continue to purse the call. God is the only One Who can and will help you fulfill His purpose. So make sure you get a clear understanding of Who He is! Allow the Holy Spirit to rest and abide with you as you take the next step. As you begin to walk with the Spirit, you will walk with confidence because wherever the Spirit leads you you know it will be where God wants you to be!

~~~Peace & Love, Chiquita