When we exercise our faith and cry out to God, our faith will rise up to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our destiny! What did Jesus have to say about it? He tells us to “speak” to the mountains and command and expect them to be moved! He instructs us to take action and confront our spiritual enemies with confident declarations of faith! In today’s world, satan is launching a major assault against our faith, trying his best to instill fear and get us to waver in our trust in our Lord. He desires for us to focus on our circumstances instead of God’s faithfulness to His Word. If you choose to focus on the problems the enemy will use your circumstances to plant fear and doubt in your mind, heart, and spirit. He really wants you to doubt God all together, but every day you MUST prepare by equipping yourself with the WORD! Declare it!!!  In Romans 10:17 we are reminded that faith comes by hearing the Word of God! One great way to unleash your faith is to Boldly Declare God’s Word over your life or circumstances! When the devil tries to play you, remind him that in Hebrews 13:5-6 God said that He will NEVER leave or forsake you!!! God is your Helper…there’s no need to fear any thing or any man! I’m telling you as sure as my name is Chiquita Tate, God will intervene on your behalf if you trust Him! I know this truth as FACT!!! So on today, relax and trust God in and for ALL THINGS! He’s Got You, Sweethearts! 😉

Love, Chi Chi