Are you running to people to feed your hunger? They may be able to meet the needs of your flesh, but they will never be able to supply the needs of your inner man! Only God can do that! He will quince the thirst and give you even more…if you ask! The Word says, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” –Matthew 5:6      What God has for you is so incredible and amazing, and the enemy knows that…so he tries his very best to discourage you by any means necessary! Of course, when you know what God has promised you all you have to do is stand firm and confess it boldly! Walk by faith! If God can’t do it it can’t be done! It’s as simple as that! So seek after the ONE WHO designed you ever so carefully, and He longs to see you happy! He knows exactly what your desires and needs are. Now smile and know GOD has you on His mind and in His heart! You SHALL BE FILLED!

~~~Blessings, Chiquita