Have you ever felt like your brook has dried up and provision is nowhere to be found? On today, I want you to think about Elijah for a moment. Remember how God provided for him by way of ravens and water from a brook for three years, but eventually the brook dried up?(I Kings 17:7) A lot of us would have been angry with God for drying up the brook, but if you read on you’ll discover that God instructed Elijah to go to Zarephath to meet a widow who was going to provide for him.(I Kings 17:9) It’s key to realize that God INSTRUCTED and Elijah OBEYED! Sometimes in order to unlock the provision God has for us we must listen to His instructions and obey without debate.

Hey, the story get’s even better! When Elijah reaches the widow and ask for bread she’s in a delima because she only has enough flour and oil to make bread for she and her son. She has almost nothing left, but God INSTRUCTED her and she OBEYED! God intervened in her circumstances and released a supernatural abundance to her! I’m sure this request seemed unreasonable to her at the time, but because of her obedience she received MIRACULOUS provision! God wants to do the same for you, but you’ve got to listen to Him carefully and follow instruction! He will take the little or nothing and turn it into a BLESSING!!! Be encouraged!

Love, Chiquita