Don’t be dismayed by the trials set before you. Those who are truly called to build the Kingdom will face very difficult times. Even David wept till he couldn’t shed another tear, but he continued to trust God, and God elevated him…blessed his life so that he could bless the nations! Now God is requiring more from you, and sometimes you’ve got to go through major transition in order to get the “MORE He wants you to have. In these final days, you must have a clear understanding of God’s Word, and you must have a solid relationship with Him in order to survive the test, trials, and attacks coming at you. The devil is tricky, and he will come in all forms to try and break you down, but you must be able to recognize what spirits you’re dealing with. Sometimes they disguise themselves as kind, sweet, God-fearing people, but soon enough those spirits will reveal themselves. So guard your hearts and minds, and be encouraged! You mean so much to God, and I pray that whatever season you’re in you feel His presence and receive His strength to keep pressing towards the mark of the high calling!

Blessings, Chiquita