I’ve learned to give thanks in ALL THINGS because I know whatever I go through will end up working out for my good! God has proven Himself to me over and over so I must trust His lead. While studying this morning, I was reminded how we all go through disappointments and feel challenged, and that’s okay, but we should really be careful as to howl we react and respond to those things. For example, if you’ve been rejected by people listen to what Dr. Cindy Trimm says, “Rejection is a divine announcement that those persons can no longer prosper you…it is a sign for you to move on. That person, that relationship around you no longer has the capacity to support your purpose and your destiny! You don’t cry become someone rejected you! You throw yourself a going away party!” What she’s saying is so true! Sometimes you’ve got to proclaim and declare victory even when you feel defeated! Ya feel me? God knows what He is doing! Whatever we face in this life has purpose! So keep it moving! Good things WILL happen for you if you don’t faint, and when you do feel like you’re going to pass out God will send you someone to help hold you up! I’m telling you, HE IS FAITHFUL to those who TRULY LOVE HIM!!! He will give you the strength and the tools to “keep it moving.” Sure, it’s not easy to maintain a smile while you’re hurting inside, but when you’ve been given a promise by God you can take it to the bank and cash it! He’s good for it!!! Our level of faith must exceed what’s going on around us! Hey, there’s something amazing down the road waiting for you…GO GET IT!!! It has your name on it!

Love, Chiquita