I love Ephesian 1:4. It’s reminds me that God chose and loved me before He formed the foundation of the world. There’s no such thing as being an accident, a mistake, or an error. Don’t you ever walk around thinking or feeling unwanted or unloved! Do you understand that the word “chosen” means “to call out?” Not only did God call you out, but according to Malachi 3:17, He called you His treasure…His precious child! You were created for a specific purpose dear ones! He desired your personality, your unique talents…Yes, YOU! YOU, the person who sometimes feels weak, frustrated, defeated, etc., but know that God saw something else in You. John 15:6 also reminds us that we didn’t choose Him, but that HE CHOSE us! How awesome is that? So when you feel like giving in, giving up, or becoming someone else think about why God wanted You. There’s no one else on this planet like you!!! When God called you He knew what He was doing! You are precious in His sight!!! Now throw your hands up and worship Him! He’s worthy to be praised!

Love, Chiquita