I know there are those of you who feel like breaking beneath the stress of intense relentless_logo_high_res2struggle, but you can’t!!! Don’t give up!!! Don’t give in!!! You’ve got to keep pressing and moving forward! The storm may be fierce, but if you continue to drive slowly and not be distracted you’ll discover within the next few miles the sun is actually shining bright! Listen, sometimes you’ve got to be RELENTLESS! Sure, you’ll be told “no” and discouraged many times by those who really are not tied to your destiny, but you’ve got to learn how NOT to give up so easily! Sometimes your faith will be tested, but in those times it’s really up to you to decide if you’re going to really trust God! So put one foot in front of the other and continue on. Hey, if you stop now, there is one guarantee…you’ll never reach your potential! Just keeping it real, dear hearts! BE RELENTLESS!!!

Love, Chiquita


YOUR Happy Ending…










God is AMAZING!!! He showed me the thing I mourned over was really the thing I should rejoice over! Why? Because He knew all along what He had prepared for me, and it was a thousand times better than anything I could have ever imagined! All I had to do was release and trust God, and now I see the ENTIRE movie with the INCREDIBLE ending! So don’t do like I once did…catch the first 15 minutes of the show and draw a conclusion. There’s so much more God wants you to see! Be encouraged, Dear Hearts! Your Happy Ending will happen if you don’t loose FAITH!

Love, Chiquita

Remembering A True Friend

SebrenaIn the Fall of 1991, God brought Ms. Sebrena Thurman into my life. She would become my college roommate at The University of Southern Mississippi. We discovered that we had so much in common, and we often said that God knew what He was doing when He introduced us. Our friendship was meant to be, and quickly we became more than friends…we were family. We only had a year together before I would transfer out of state to pursue my studies in fashion at the time, but we didn’t let the distance keep us a part. We talked over the phone, and I would stop through her hometown to see her before heading to my parents each holiday. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer we went to battle! We decided to walk by FAITH and not by sight! We prayed and turned it over to God! Even then her Spirit was strong, and she came through her surgery well. God knows she went through so much, but she never complained. We made a promise to always be there for each other, and I can scream from a mountain top that she has always been there for me…through my joys, disappointments, losses, and gains…she was a gift to me! After fighting for so many years, her body began S2to give out, but NEVER, and I mean NEVER did her Spirit get weak. Her Spirit Man was Strong, and she was clear about everything she spoke, and even when she couldn’t say all that she wanted I saw and understood what her eyes were saying to me! God gave me another opportunity to get home and love on her before He called her home, and I am forever grateful for the time we shared. I saw my friend bow her head and clasp her hands in prayer, and as I sang a praise and worship song she threw her hands back, and I believe she was worshiping our God! To hear her say “I love you” just one more time is something I will treasure till l I see her again. As I kissed my friend on her soft face, a peace came over me like never before. Our prayers had been answered. Our mission as friends was complete and sealed with a kiss! Yes, My friend is no longer here, and I’m sad because I may have to wait a while before we’re together again, but at the same time I’m so happy she’s free of sickness and disease! I can see her celebrating with those who have gone on before her. She’s HOME! My Sweet Friend made it HOME!!! —s4—Mrs. Sebrena Thurman Shelton (October 2, 1973 – November 5, 2012)—

Friends for all eternity, Chiquita



Put Down the Baggage!


No matter what is going on around you, God commands you to walk in love. Give Him your heaviness, anger, stress, doubt, and fear. You were called to do great things, and you have no business carrying extra baggage when God told you to leave it ALL at the alter. Now make it a great day, Good People! 

Sincerely, Chiquita

Proverbs = Wisdom


I just love reading Proverbs! It’s simply a collection of practical tips for living. The fact that King Solomon, one of the wisest men during his time, put pen to paper to help us make wise decisions, challenges us to become much better human beings. Check out I Kings 3:12 when God said, “I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was non like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee.”

The truth is Proverbs speaks to many issues that may plague many concerning money, sex, temptation, work, laziness, discipline, and child rearing. The goal in reading Proverbs is to get the principal thing…WISDOM, and in all thy getting get understanding! – Proverbs 4:7

So seek to be Wise, Dear Hearts!

—Much Love, Chiquita


It’s Going To Get Better!


Listen to me, “IT’S GOING TO GET BETTER!!!” God made you a promise! You can’t give up now! The devil wants you to believe there’s no use in trying. That’s a lie straight from hell!!! The sun is going to shine again! Confess His Word when you don’t know what to say or do! I’m a witness that God will bring you through your darkest nights!

—-Felt the need to say that to somebody at this very moment! I’m praying for you, whoever you are!

—Sincerely, Chi Chi

Every Thing Matters!

JJJQuick note: Begin to live with an unshakable certainty that everything you do today matters forever! Remember, God is keeping track of what you do for Him, and that means you have so much more to gain by serving Him than you’ve ever imagined. Now be encouraged! –Chi Chi

—Reference – “He will reward each according to his works” (Matthew 16:27), “You will have treasure in heaven” (Matthew 19:21), “You will be blessed…for you shall be repaid at the resurrection” (Luke 14:14)